Episode 3 - "No God at the Bottom of a Glass" from New Pilgrim Productions on Vimeo.

No God at the Bottom of a Glass – Episode III

You Are Here TV presents “No God at the Bottom of a Glass,” the story of Jim Christopher and “S.O.S” (Secular Organizations for Sobriety).  S.O.S. is the brain child of Jim’s own struggle with alcohol abuse. Jim tried everything to get sober, Gestalt Therapy, in-house treatment centers, and finally….Alcoholic’s Anonymous.   But, for Jim, an adamant secularist, A.A.’s spiritual bent was off-putting, and so he continued his struggle with an alcohol addiction on his own, until finally, he developed his own program of recovery – S.O.S, one that did not require turning one’s “will and life over to a higher power”.  That was nearly 35 years ago…and he hasn’t had a drink, since.  S.O.S. meetings now span the globe, helping countless alcoholics, addicts, compulsive overeaters and the like find recovery without the requirement of a religious framework.